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Elementary Ethics and Character Education

We provide opportunities for academic development to elementary school teachers who are interested in moral and personal education. We also aim to improve the quality of moral education in elementary schools and train the students to be experts in this area.

Elementary Korean Language Education

The students in our department will study theories of Korean education, teaching-learning methodologies and evaluation methods that are applicable at elementary schools. In addition, we seek to find and solve problems and develop Korean education through research on the curricula of Korean language and literature education not only in the country but also overseas.

Elementary Social Studies Education

Our goal is to help our students acquire expertise and knowledge to cultivate democratic citizens in elementary schools. To accomplish this goal, the students are taught to understand the characteristics, goals, and methods of social studies education, and to acquire abilities to apply these in their elementary classrooms.

Elementary Mathematics Education

We seek to help students play an expert role in the field of elementary mathematics education. The students will master the theories and curricula of elementary mathematics education, evaluation, problem-solving, educational psychology, and teaching gifted children in mathematics, and they will study teaching-learning methods specific to each area in the field.

Elementary Science Education

We aim to provide opportunities for academic development to teachers who are interested in elementary science education, to improve the quality of elementary science education and to train them to be experts in the field.

Elementary Physical Education

We guide our students to expertise in the theory and practice of elementary physical education, and we help strengthen their ability to research and solve various problems in the field. Our goal is to produce competent teachers and expert researchers in the field of elementary physical education.

Elementary Music Education

Our goals are to understand the system, structure, mode, and varieties of music regarding it as a historical and sociological phenomenon, to grasp the psychological and sociological conditions and workings of music, and to search for new methods to develop music and musical understanding.

Elementary Fine Arts Education

We work to deepen theoretical, practical, and research knowledge in elementary fine arts education. We seek to help the students master practical skills and knowledge and to develop expertise. We train teachers who can contribute to the development of fine arts education.

Elementary Science and Technology Education for Life

Our department synthesizes, develops, and exploits a wide range of relevant areas that allow a focus on problems of applied science in daily life. Our goals are to study and provide the principles of the development of science and technology education for life and to teach rational principles for their combination and development.

Elementary English Education

We lead elementary English education in our country and produce teachers who play lead roles in the field with a curriculum in which students can pursue their enthusiasm in elementary English education.

Elementary Computer Education

To play lead roles in elementary computer education in this information society, we seek to train competent teachers and experts by organizing learning content that is appropriate to the information society, develop and improve teaching-learning methodologies, make use of a variety of means of communication, and study theoretical and practical aspects of information and education.


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