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Hearty welcome to SNUE GSE!

SNUE GSE is an eminent graduate school specializing in primary education in Korea. We run 26 courses of specialization at the moment, each of which deals with educational theory, teaching method, student guidance, classroom management, and education in specialized contexts. The main job of the 26 specialized courses is to conduct a variety of in-depth researches, experiments in all areas of primary education, and to disseminate the fruits widely.

Now we live in a globalized, knowledge & information society. Most of us, now and in the future, may need to possess the ability to make the most use of the ubiquitous knowledge and information for our own purposes, and participate actively in a variety of international interchanges and interactions. SNUE GSE is fully prepared to adapt itself proactively to the changes of the society, fulfilling its founding purposes. For this, we are making every effort to identify the basics, to consolidate the basics, and to be faithful to the basics. We are doing very hard to make a solid contribution to the whole society. In this process, we cordially request your reassuring understanding and supportive cooperation. Thank you very much.

Inho Jeon
Dean, Graduate School of Education
Seoul National University of Education


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