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The purpose of the association is to promote unity and mutual cooperation among members and to enhance honor of the alumni so that it improves the rights and interests of each member and the educational development of our country. It also contributes to the development of alma mater and raises the awareness of alumni.
The alumni is try to enhance communication and the unity among members, as well as to promote

  • the mutual cooperation among members
  • the activities on the development of Seoul education
  • the social rights of members and promotional activities on teacher's authority
  • the contact and amity among members
  • the activities on the development of the alma mater and its scholarship
  • the mutual exchange of information and the promotion on activities of alumni
  • the academic activities for the development of the education
  • other activities required to achieve the purpose of the alumni
Bylaw :

Position Major Name
President Educational administration Choi Seok-ho
Vice president Physicaleducation Seok Seung-ha
Vice president Physicaleducation Lee Chi-hun
Vice president Physicaleducation Kim Tae-gyu
The Secretary-general Educational administration Kim Yong-u
The Secretary-general Special education Lee Sae-byeol
Auditor Educational counseling Min Ji-won
Auditor Educational administration Kim Min-o


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